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red robin menuThe red robin menu has so many wonderful choices on it that once you open it and give it a read, you will be singing their catchy theme song out loud. First you will look at the delicious selection of food on the red robin menu, then you will sing, "red robin, yum", only you may change it to be, "red robin menu, yum!"

Red Robin restuarants began in Seatlle, Washington. The original restaurant was called something else, and eventually the owner changed the name to Sam's Red Robin. Later, the business was sold and renamed "Red Robin". It did not start out as a chain, the second store wasn't opened until 1979. By this time, hamburgers were on the red robin menu and business was soaring.

More and more locations were opened, and the franchise changed hands. There are currenly over 400 locations in the United States, all serving up the delicious red robin menu.